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Queen Mary University London, t.baker "at"

Cosmological aspects of modified gravity; observational probes

Alex Barreira

Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, barreira "at"

Weak lensing & large scale structure probes of gravity; modified gravity simulations

University of Oxford, harry.desmond "at"

Tests of modified gravity in galaxies; galaxy dynamics; the galaxy-halo connection; baryonic effects

University of Oxford, p.ferreira1 "at"

Interplay between theoretical and observational cosmology; the dark sector; cosmological modified gravity

University of Pennsylvania, bjain "at"

Weak lensing; astrophysical probes of modified gravity and tests with galaxy surveys

ICG Portsmouth, Kazuya.Koyama "at"

Theoretical cosmology; early universe and structure formation; accelerated cosmic expansion

University of Durham, "at"

Cosmological tests of gravity; large scale structure; weak lensing; modified gravity simulations

University of Geneva, lucas.lombriser "at"

Cosmological modified gravity; nonlinear structure formation

Princeton University, anicola'at'

Cosmological probes; surveys

University of Hawai'i, sakstein "at"

Theoretical aspects of modified gravity; screening mechanisms; novel probes with stars and galaxies; gravitational waves; black hole mass gap

Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, fabians "at"

Cosmological modified gravity; large-scale structure; modified gravity simulations; the early universe; gravitational lensing

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LBNL, evlinder "at"

Dark energy and cosmic acceleration; tests of General Relativity; CMB; inflation

Cornell University, rachel.bean "at"

Large scale structure; cosmological tests of modified gravity; inflation; weak lensing

ICG Portsmouth, gong-bo.zhao "at"

Modified gravity simulations; consistency tests of GR and dark energy; structure formation; CMB; weak lensing

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