Susmita Adhikari

Stanford University,

Dark Matter

Kimberly Boddy

Matthew Buckley

Rutgers University, mbuckley "at"

 I build theoretical models of dark matter, as well as work to connect the results of different classes of dark matter experiments (direct, indirect, collider) with theoretical advances and the results of simulation.

Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine

Harvard University, fcyrracine "at"

Dark Matter particle models, impact on structure formation, the cosmic microwave background, and the structure of galaxies, gravitational lensing and other astrophysical constraints, classification of models;

University of Oxford, harry.desmond "at"

Tests of dark matter with galaxy dynamics and morphology; the galaxy-halo connection; baryonic effects and modified gravity

Harvard University, dvorkin "at"

The physics of the early universe, the particle nature of dark matter, the source of the accelerated expansion of the universe, neutrinos/light relics, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the large-scale structure of the universe, analysis of data.

Nathan Golovich

University of Pennsylvania, bjain "at"

​Weak lensing; astrophysical probes and tests with galaxy surveys

Felix Kahlhoefer

RWTH Aachen University, kahlhoefer "at"

Astroparticle physics and physics beyond the Standard Model, in particular the phenomenology of dark matter.

Manoj Kaplinghat

University of California, Irvine, mkapling "at"

Dark Matter

Anna Nierenberg

University of California, Irvine, nierenb "at"

Strong gravitational lensing

Annika Peter

Ohio State University,

Dark Matter Detection; Galaxy and Dark Matter Halo Evolution; The Local Group; Solar System dynamics.

Andrew Robertson

Durham University, andrew.robertson "at"

Astrophysical probes of dark matter, scattering cross sections, 

University of Pennsylvania, sakstein "at"

Dark matter

Matthew Walker

Carnigie Mellon University, mgwalker "at"

Astrophysical observations of dark matter clustering on small scales, statistical and dynamical modelling of galactic dynamics, modified gravity

Jesus Zavala

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